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Rai released who slapped a Communist Party’s leader Oli

Mahesh Rai, who slapped Khadg Prasad Oli (KP) President of Nepal Communist Party (Unified Marxist-Leninist) on 23 December 2023, has been released.

The chief district officer of Dhankuta district informed Dakendrasingh Thegim, the chairman of the renaming of province no. 1 of Nepal, through the phone. Rai slapped Oli on 23rd December and was released after 11 days of imprisonment.

Mahesh Rai, a UML-supported worker, slapped Oli as soon as he crossed the Arun river during the party message journey from Jhulaghat in Baitadi district in the far west to Chuwabhyangyang in Panther in the far east. Oli’s glasses and hat fell from Rai’s slap, and immediately the security personnel arrested Rai who slapped him and kept him in custody. It is believed that Oli was slapped because he was campaigning against the identity of the tribals of Nepal, saying that they should not have the rights, rights and identity, while President Oli could not go to Chuwabhanjyang Gadi, the final venue, from Tehrathum as per the scheduled program and completed the party campaign by helicopter.

President Oli is the leader of Nepal’s largest party and the current parliamentary leader and party chairman of the opposition party. Oli is a person who has served 14 years in prison for killing Dharmaprasad Dhakal of Jhapa. During the prime ministership of Oli, the total debt of Nepal increased from about 9 billion to 17 billion at once, sinking the country into debt. Oli is a staunch Hindu leader, but the intellectuals have accused him of defaming the Communist world by naming the party Communist.

After naming Province No. 1 in Eastern Nepal as Koshi, which carries only Hindu heritage, the movement of identityists is continuing, demanding that all races should be named on the basis of civilization.


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