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Suryavanshi Elected President of FoNIJ UK

On December 16, 2023, Mr. Vam Suryavanshi was elected as the president of the UK branch of the Federation of Nepalese Indigenous Journalists (FoNIJ).

Suryavanshi, the editor of LondonkathmanduNews.com, brings with him a wealth of experience, having served in the British Army and maintaining a steadfast commitment to journalism. He is a prominent figure within the Nepali community in the UK.

Assisting Suryavanshi in his new role are Mrs. Lilaseling Mabo as the vice-chairman, Amit Thebe as the secretary, Tej Mabo as the joint secretary, and Dr. Maha Rai as the treasurer. The committee also includes members Romian Limbu, Ishwar Chamling, J. B. Rai, Bishwajit Thapa, Pampha Gurung, and Rudra Thapamgar.

The election commission, led by former chairman Biswasdip Tigela and supported by former chairman Kiran T., along with member Pramila Labung as the secretary, announced the list of the newly elected leadership.

During the meeting, the organization’s report and the treasurer’s financial report were presented and discussed. Notably, chief guests Karma Pahadi Sherpa, president of Nepal Indigenous Federation UK branch, Bhakta Dura, Kirat Rai Yayokhkha UK president Chandra Rai, former president of Nepal Journalist Federation UK Naresh Khapangi, Nepal Magar Association Vice President of UK Rudra Thapa, and others conveyed their well wishes. Additionally, journalist Bimala Sen received this year’s honor, while photo and online journalist Milan Tamu was awarded £100 for their contributions to the Nepali society in the UK, courtesy of Goma Rana. The list of honored journalists was finalized during the former presidents’ meeting last week.

Under the leadership of Goma Rana, and chaired by secretary Lilaseling Mabo, the session addressed various topics, including expressing solidarity with the movement to cancel the Koshi nomination. However, there was a collective refusal of government intervention in the strike of Province No. 1 on Mangshir 30 and Push 1.

The session concluded with President Suryavanshi expressing his dedication to advancing the institutional objectives of the Federation of Indigenous Journalists to the best of his abilities.


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