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Putin says Russia, N. Korea fighting ‘US hegemony’

MOSCOW, June 19, 2024 (AFP) –
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that Moscow and Pyongyang were fighting “US hegemony”, while North Korea’s Kim Jong Un claimed their partnership furthered “peace and stability” in the Asia-Pacific region.

Putin was in the reclusive country for a rare state visit, where the two leaders signed a “comprehensive strategic partnership” to further deepen military, economic and political ties.

“Today, we are fighting together against the hegemonism and neo-colonial practices of the United States and its satellites,” Russian state news agencies quoted Putin as saying.

Kim called the treaty signed between the countries a “grand, great programme that will faithfully guarantee Korean-Russian relations for a century.”

He said it “fully contributes to maintaining peace and stability in the region” and would put the “security situation of both countries on a more reliable foundation,” Russian state news agencies reported.

The growing alliance between Moscow and Pyongyang has caused alarm in South Korea as well as in the West and in Ukraine.

The United States and its allies have accused North Korea of providing ammunition and missiles to Russia to fire on Ukraine, and Kyiv has reported finding fragments of North Korean munitions on the battlefield.

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