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400 border pillars repaired in Parsa

Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS)
Birgunj (Parsa), June 19: The Armed Police Force (APF) Nepal battalion number 13 has painted and repaired all big and small 400 border pillars.

The APF has carried out maintenance of 399 of the 489 border pillars including the main, auxiliary and minor pillars.
Battalion commander of the battalion Radheshyam Dhimal said that the task of painting and maintenance of the border pillar is underway in coordination with the concerned government agencies including the Survey Office.

“Out of the 21 main border pillars in Parsa, 19 have been painted and repaired so far”, he said, adding, “We will carry forward the repair works in remaining two border pillars after completing necessary legal process”, he added.

The police force has to paint and maintain 13 auxiliary border pillars, but so far 12 have been completed. Similarly, of the 455 small border pillars, 368 have been repaired so far while only 87 are yet to be painted and repaired.

A total of 90 border pillars including main, subsidiary and minor are yet to be repaired in Parsa. —

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