Panthare get-together held: Shanti Limbu’s book Kasturi publicly released

On June 15, 2024, the annual get-together of Panthare in the UK was held, and a book called Kasturi was publicly released.

Literary writer Mrs. Shanti Limbu’s book Kasturi, was released in a hall near Aldershot, UK. Rambabu Nepal, the representative of the Nepali Embassy in London, along with others, launched the book simultaneously.

The book was reviewed by Biswasdip Tigela and Krishna Kumar Hembya. They said that the book, which includes haiku, muktak, and song genres, is both readable and collectible. This is the fourth book by Mrs Limbu, following her earlier books Cherisa, Milijuli, and Shan Foong.

Shanti Limbu, who is also the president of Panthar Sewa Samaj UK, actively promotes social leadership, writing, and studies. During the annual Panthare gathering, other authors and writers were also honored for their contributions. Writers Mrs. Lila Seling Mabo, Mr. Nagendraraj Nembang, Mr. Lilaraj Kambang, and senior musician Mr. Dinesh Subba were honoured. Miss Depa Yongya and Miss Smrita Lambu, who made their debut in modelling, were also honoured.

Mr. Chandra Sundas received this year’s award along with a certificate for his special contribution to the Panthare society. About a dozen young people were given certificates for achieving higher education.

Shanti Limbu presided over the program, which was conducted by General Secretary Lahang Chemjong. Panthar is a district in the eastern part of Nepal.

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