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11th Gurkha Walk/Run Completed: Approximately £50,000 Raised

Ashford, UK
The 11th Gurkha Charity Walk/Run started from the Great Chart Ground near Ashford Town on 2nd June 2024 and has been successfully completed.

Around 700 people took part in the event, which began with the flag of Nepal being waved by former Deputy Prime Minister and Honourable Member of Parliament from Ashford Borough Council/District, Damian Green. Participants had the option of a 6 km half-distance or a 13 km full-distance, with some youth running voluntarily.

Til Bikram Sambahamphe completed the full distance in 59 minutes, followed by Dil Limbu in 1 hour and 4 minutes, and Sanjeeb Limbu in 1 hour and 6 minutes. Sambahamphe is an international runner who has participated in the Paris, Berlin, New York, and London marathons. Among the women, Mary Rai finished first, Mankala Rai second, and Jenisa Thapa third.

National artists Miss Manmaya Waiba and Nation Pun, who were on a musical tour from Nepal, sang about a dozen songs, providing excellent entertainment. Local artists also performed.

Though 735 numbers were allocated, more than 1,500 tickets were sold, raising over £22,500 at £15 each through push sales and online sales. An additional £7,000 in sponsor cash was collected, and with the government’s 30% contribution for charity organizations, the total raised is expected to be around £50,000, according to Bhim Tumbahamphe, the organizer and founder of the Gurkha Peace Foundation.

The event was conducted by Thir Thapa Magar, with about 60 volunteers helping out. Every Thursday in Ashford and Folkestone, the foundation provides health, legal, and social advice and support to elderly Gurkhas and their families. It also supports the construction of schools and drinking water facilities in remote Nepalese villages and aids poor and destitute people.

The 13 km walk/run honour the 13 Gurkha VCs who won the Victoria Cross and has been held annually since 2013. Participants came from various places, including London and Aldershot, for the event. It was a huge success, and next year, around 2,000 participants are expected. The organizers are planning to request road closures for a few hours for safety, added Tumbahamphe.

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