Tigela’s memorandum to call the Nepali language Khasjumli and correct the definition of Nepali literature

4 April 2024. Biswas Dip Tigela, a Nepali literary activist and scholar, has submitted separate memorandums to the Chairman of the Language Commission and the Chancellor of the Nepal Academy.

Tigela submitted a memorandum saying that the Nepali language should be called Khasjumli language and that the entire literature of all mother tongues spoken in Nepal since ancient times should be called Nepali literature.

The memorandum has been submitted to Honourable Dr. Gopal Thakur Chairman of the Language Commission. The submitted memorandum is as below:
The Nepali language spoken by us – out of the many sub-languages under the Khas language, the Jumli language is about 80 per cent similar, so this language should called the Khasjumli language. The country is Nepal, there is no tradition in the world that the name of the language should be the country name.

Nepali literature is widely misunderstood as only literature written in the Khas language and Devanagari script, so it should be corrected and called Khasjumli literature, the clear definition should be given that Nepali literature is the entire literature of all the native languages that have been spoken in Nepal since ancient times.

With the naming of the Khasjumli language as Nepali language, in India, Bhutan, Burma and other countries Nepali speakers are mistakenly believed to have come from Nepal, so they are victimized and humiliated. It seems that the Nepali language needs to be maintained as Khasjumli language and the hijacking of Khasjumli’s linguistic heritage should be stopped.

Because the country is Nepal, when the name of the language is Nepali, it is necessary to correct the wrong message that a Nepali who does not speak this language is not a Nepali, that is, one must speak the Nepali language to be a true loyal Nepali.

Since it is possible to do these tasks during the tenure of the Honourable Chairman, I respectfully request to discuss and debate this matter immediately.

Scholar Tigela has also submitted a memorandum to the chancellor of Nepal Academy Honourable Bhupal Rai with one more point in the same statement. In addition, it is said that two dozen poems of different mother tongues should be in the original language script, Nepali language in Devanagari script and English language a model work be published under the name of Nepali Literature. Chancellor Rai said that he would try as much as possible, while the Chairman of the Language Commission Dr. Thakur stipulated in the memorandum that necessary action would be taken immediately, he stated that himself is clear about this matter and promised to recommend it to the Nepal government, Language commission only can do recommend not the execution.

After submitting the memorandum, an interaction was also held between the members of the Honourable Language Commission present.

Ms Niranthi Tumbapo, the general secretary of Kirat Yakthung Chumlung- a Limbu organization, 50 influential women of Nepal, and journalist Arjun Maden, along with others, came to the Language Commission to submit the memorandum.

Scholar Tigela has been working on the development of Nepali language literature for almost 3 decades. He started the online Nepali literature forum. He has been operating continuously since 2005 and has worked as the former president of the Global Federation for Nepali Literature as well as the coordinator of the Language and Literature Department of the Non-Resident Nepali Association. Tigelal declared the name of the language, definition of literature, autonomy and writing called (Vanasapasle) name of the language, definition of literature, autonomy and writing.

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