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Arrest warrant issued to lawyer Raju Thapa after the arrest of accused fraudster Surya Nembang

February 6. An arrest warrant has been issued against Raju Thapa, a law businessman based in the UK, on the charge of defrauding the children of ex-Gurkha soldiers in the name of providing legal services for British resident visas.

The Kathmandu District Court has issued an arrest warrant against Thapa, who has been running a company called Everest Law Solicitors at the Central Chambers in Broadway Ealing, London, England, for investigation on fraud charges.

Thapa, who is in the UK, has been accused of defrauding crores of rupees. The court issued a warrant to arrest and investigate Thapa after it was found that he had cheated crores of rupees in the name of issuing visas. The district court of Kathmandu has issued an arrest warrant against Raju Thapa and his Nepali partner Sami Kachi Rosi Shrestha who is a fraudster living in the UK.

Arrest warrant issued under section 57 of the Civil Criminal Procedure Code 2074 in the name of fugitive defendants Raju Thapa and Sami Kachi Rosi Shrestha and brought before the court for a statement. According to section 15 and 65 of the Code, his details should be obtained through the District Public Prosecutor’s Office Kathmandu and submitted in accordance with the rules,” said the arrest warrant issued by the District Court Kathmandu. The court issued an arrest warrant in the name of Thapa and Shrestha on February 2.

Remember, after the ex-Gurkha army officer Surya Nembang was arrested in Panchthar, Nepal, on the charge of cheating ex-Gurkhas and their families in the name of assisting the British resident visa process, this investigation process was started based on his statement. It is found that individuals, Gorkhajanya organizations and even lawyers are involved in obtaining a residence visa.

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