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Nepali writers are set to participate as speakers at the Kalinga Literary Festival in India.

Six accomplished Nepali writers will be featured at the event. Renowned Nepalese writer and culturalist, Prof. Dr. Beena Poudyal, will attend as the guest of honor and speaker. The distinguished panel of speakers also includes noted public intellectual and former international civil servant, bureaucrat, and diplomat, Bishow Parajuli; writer Kalpna Parajuli; esteemed poet and writer, Ranjana Niraula; author Sumit Sharma Sameer; and writer and artist Sampada Malla.

During the festival, the esteemed writer and culturalist Prof. Dr. Beena Poudyal will be honored with the prestigious Kalinga International Literary Award.

The annual Kalinga Literature Festival (KLF) is scheduled to take place from February 9 to 11 (26 March – 28 March) at Swasti Premium Hotel in Bhubaneswar, Orissa. The festival aims to celebrate the creative spirit of India and showcase its rich literary diversity by engaging in conversations with some of the best minds in the global literary community. The event brings together academics, authors, political and social activists, lawmakers, government officials, corporate leaders, students, and individuals from various backgrounds. Participants immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of the festival, exchanging opinions on their favorite authors and literary works.

The Mystic Kalinga Festival has become an annual flagship event in India’s cultural calendar. Its primary focus is to reignite the passion for literature, fostering reading and writing habits, particularly among the youth. The festival provides a national platform with a global appeal, bridging the gap between literature in English and various Indian regional languages.

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