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Kirat Yakthung Chumlung UK celebrated Chasok Tangnam

On 15th July 2023, Professor Prem Yakten acknowledged that the movement to cancel the name of Koshi for Province 1 of Nepal and rename the campaign committee received significant support from the UK. All kinds of support are expected, he added.

Professor Yekten addressed mass people as a chief guest at the Chasok Tangnam ceremony, which the Limbu living in the UK celebrated at Yalding, Kent. He stressed that the movement to dismiss the name of Koshi is progressing strongly, and he promised to dismiss the name of Koshi and will rename it historically and identity-based accordingly. The name of Koshi Dismissal and rename struggle committee is conducting various forms of agitation. Professor Yekten is the committee leader; there are more than seven organizations in the United struggle committee.

At Chasok Tangnam, which was attended by about 5,000 people, in the large presence of Limbu and non-Limbu in the UK, pop singers Dhiraj Rai, Vishan Mukarung and others performed on the stage for entertainment. At the same time, various branches of Chumlung, a typical organization of Limbu, presented various cultural tableaux of Limbu.


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