Poet Bhanubhakta contributes to social unity by means of language: Chair Oli

CPN (UML) Chairperson KP Sharma Oli has highlighted the contribution of adikavi Bhanubhakta Acharya in uniting the Nepali society through language.

In his address to a special programme organised Friday on the occasion of the 210 birth anniversary of poet Bhanubhakta who is known as the aadikavi in the Nepali literature, the former Prime Minister said Bhanubhakta contributed significantly to unite the Nepali language- through translation of the Ramayana, an epic, originally written in the Sanskrit, into a simple Nepali language. “Such unity played a great role in promoting the national unity.”

Bhanubhakta had his roles in awakening the Nepali society by translating the epic, he added.
“However, the other creations of Bhanubhakta such as Badhusiksha do not reflect a progressive approach as they are guided by traditionalist thoughts. They rarely prod the society for changes, reform and the revolution,” he commented.

The programme was organised by the All Nepal Women Association. Its chair Tuka Hamal talked about the contribution of Bhankubhakat to the Nepali literature.


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